CEC is a welcoming Bilingual multi-cultural church family who has simply discovered the good news that God has graced us through Jesus Christ.

What is this good news of grace? God’s original plan made all of us and this world for shalom (perfect peace, beauty and good relationships). But our bent for making our own way ends up in broken relationship with each other, God, our world and even our own souls. Here’s the good news: Christ Jesus lived the life we should have and took the penalty of our sin that we deserve. Belief in this deep mercy and grace restores the world and every life that it touches. We want to see that grace spread.

Graced in Our Mission. The grace of God spreads as many people disciple many more people. We want diverse people in our area to be disciples of this grace and help multiply congregations with the goal that everyone in Smyrna, Atlanta and the world experiences it too. Our goal sends us out into everyday life to be a bridge bringing together people who are normally separated from God and each other.

Graced in Our Community. We aren’t better than anyone else. We are not trying to impress anyone or prove anything by shoving it down your throat. We are sinners who’ve been given beautiful, strong purpose for living here and now through God’s son Jesus.